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Planned Workshops

Training Sessions

Train your team up on SEO essentials or take a deep dive into something specific such as content marketing or structured data, so that they can see through impactful changes to your shop. ​

Like my public talks, these workshops are created to be engaging, tailored to the expertise of the audience, and lots of fun - except this time everything will be fully interactive and the content will be focused around websites and topics of your choice. 

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Site Clinics

I'll run a full audit and investigation of your website and then present my findings and proposed solutions. As always, this will be a fully interactive workshop and a chance for your team to learn more about technical and content topics.

This is ideal for teams with some SEO knowledge, but require practical advice or a sparring partner for broader website concerns. 

Something else?

Perhaps there's something else you're interested in! For example, maybe you'd like to have a quick Q&A session with me during one of your team meetings, or see one of my conference talks personalized to your website or business.​

Simply get in touch with your ideas and I'll see what I can do!

The Izzi Guarantee

I can't guarantee overnight success, but I can promise you a lot of good things to get you there.

Sound like a good plan?

Get in touch with your ideas and ambitions, and I'll be in touch very soon to discuss the fun next steps.

Inspire your team with an Interactive Workshop

It's my passion to inspire and educate others, especially when it comes to making technical or complex topics more accessible. ​

I'm currently working on some engaging and insightful workshops to hold either in-person or virtually, all based around crucial eCommerce and SEO principles. Register interest now to be alerted first when these workshops are ready and I'll be in touch soon! 

No Nonsense

My advice is always fully tailored towards your business, products, team, and expertise - and without any BS. Consultations are highly actionable and centered around what works.

User-focused Approaches

I'm not just here to grow website visitors – I'm also here to ensure that they're converting, more satisfied with your content, trusting your brand, and sticking around for good!

Consulting with Care

I bring a thoughtful approach to every project. I'm invested in your success and work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Feel Empowered

My goal is to equip your team with the knowledge and tools they need to feel empowered to tackle these challenges long after our sessions are over.

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