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Stay in touch 👋

Whether you want to work with me on a fun new project, or would simply like to connect over fun nerdy things - I'd love to chat! Send me an email or use my contact form to stay in touch.

2014 - 2019: Sixt rent a car 

Senior SEO Manager, UK & US​

At Sixt, I was responsible for increasing the quantity and quality of Sixt's UK and US domain's traffic via all organic search channels. 

I also supported the wider SEO team on a number of topics such as technical SEO, content strategies, Structured Data, and improving onsite UX for retail customers.

2019 - 2022: Ryte

Technical SEO Team Lead

My team and I supported clients with bespoke consulting around SEO and Website UX facets, while also hosting and presenting educational websites for our customers and the industry. 

Product Marketing Team Lead​

Later on I moved to become Product Marketing Team Lead, where I focused on defining our product positioning, developing go-to-market strategies, and assisting the development of the Ryte platform. 

2022 - Present: kurzgesagt

Senior eCommerce Manager ​
I took the amazing opporuntity to support kurzgesagt (one of my favorite YouTube channels) in growing their online shop's success - which directly funds their educational content creation.
Here I'm responsible for providing an enhanced shop experience, as well as growing organic traffic and sales. My daily business takes me all over: from Youtube Shopping, email marketing, conversion optimization and technical SEO.

izzi portrait 24 lite.webp

2024: Start of Izzi Smith Consulting

Working for an eCommerce business like kurzgesagt which supports a worthy cause really inspired me to start doing the same for others, too.


In July 2024, I decided to reduce my full-time hours at kurzgesagt so that I could start helping out other worthy businesses with their eCommerce, SEO, and digital marketing needs. Here's to an exciting, new adventure! 

My Journey

Learn about the companies I've supported and experience I've gathered since my 10 years in online marketing.

Aside from all the work stuff...

In my free time, I'm very good at unwinding with a good series or game.


When the weather's nice, you can find me exploring Munich by bicycle – I'm finally conquering what I missed out on as a kid. I'm also working on creating cute illustrations for my content (which you might have seen dotted around my site 👀).

But the real joy comes from spending time with the awesome people in my life (including my fluffy flatmates Maru & Sakura).

About Izzi

Izzi Smith is originally from the UK, but has lived in Munich, Germany for over 10 years. She loves spending time in Bavarian beer gardens, or chilling at home with her two cats. She also hates writing in the third person (but knows this will increase her chances of winning a Featured Snippet).

Although I took a small speaking break recently, I also enjoy putting together insightful (and delightful) talks about eCommerce, UX, and SEO, and creating fun little memes. I'm happiest when helping others - whether that's worthy businesses who need support or individuals starting out on SEO or technical topics.  

Get in touch via email or say hello on social if you'd like to connect about all things eCommerce and SEO (or if you want to see/share cat photos, of course!).

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