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My Values - for a healthier world & web

I'm dedicated to using the skills and experience I've aquired in eCommerce and SEO for good: to help worthy businesses thrive online while staying true to the values that matter most. 

If you're passionate about your product, you care about your people, and you want to make a positive impact in the world – you're the kind of business I'd love to help. Read a little more about my values below.

My Core Values

1. Helping to Build Impactful Brands

I care about using my knowledge and experience to help concious businesses thrive. Whether that means you're a for-good, for-profit, developing an eco-friendly product, or simply a wholesome business with a message to share. Which is why I'll do my best to get your products in front of the right audiences which will love them. 

2. Smart, Sustainable Growth

Did you know - the internet is a huge polluter? I won’t contribute to that. I provide clean and ethical SEO guidance which will additionally reduce your website’s carbon footprint and make it speedier and easier to use. It's a win win. 

3. Empowering Passionate People

I'm motivated by working with passionate people who care about making a difference. I'll only advise actions to take that are relevant for your business, and can be sustainably achieved by your team. 

4. Enjoying Every Minute of It 

Life is too short for stuffy formalities and uninspired motives. I like to enjoy my work, and I hope you do too. Working with me means you'll have someone with a motivated personality doing their best to support you, as well as a strong connection you can rely on.

Stay in touch 👋

Whether you want to work with me on a fun new project, or would simply like to connect over fun nerdy things - I'd love to chat! Send me an email or use my contact form to stay in touch.

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